about us

After World War I and things got back to normality, some of the founder members got together and started practising with the view of getting a band started. They first practised in the Brass Band Hall at the bottom of the High Street before moving to a Scout Hall at Geddsmill. They then got a 10 foot by 6 foot hut on the Haugh Road that could not accommodate everyone at the same time, so they took it in turns to go in and practise while the rest stood outside on many a winter's night.

The hall that the band uses now was purchased in 1946 for £400. The money was put up by Bob Adamson's brother and the band repaid him. The Band Hall remains the band's most valuable asset. The band members in 1946 put in a lot of fund raising by playing in local pubs and appearing at nearby Kinghorn and Aberdour and shaking tins to get money to pay for the hall and instruments and uniforms.

The first full picture of the band is of 1923 when the band had just purchased their new uniforms, and as was the trend in those days it was a number 1 uniform. The Ministry of Defence took the uniforms from them when the Second World War started and they were returned in 1946. Alec Whitton remembers playing in civvies when they welcomed home people from Burntisland who were prisoners of war, playing them from the train station to their homes, prior to getting their uniforms back.

From 1939 to 1945, the band also practised in Murphy's Tea Rooms which later became the Labour Club. At this time the members were part of the Home Guard. During the years following the Second World War, the band entered contests but it was always an added expense and could not quite compete with the local pit bands that had the backing of the miners. However their little success that they had was welcomed.

The band was kept alive only by the people who played and by the followers and although they never entered competitions until the early 1970s, they had a full engagement calendar. Such events were dancing on the links from early evening till late, bearing in mind this was long before the shows were a prominent feature.

In 2014 season, the band underwent its most successful season, picking up 4 out of the 5 major titles and the drummers picked up the full grand slam (all five major titles). This also meant the band and drum corp picked up 4B Champions of Champions. During September 2014 the music board of the RSPBA decided to promote the band to Grade 3B. During the 2015 season, the band placed 5th at the Europeans and 6th at the Scottish Championships in grade 3B. The drummers also placed at 3 out the 5 majors, coming 3rd at the Scottish, 4th at the Europeans and 6th at the UK Championships. The band also qualified for the Worlds final, however,weren't placed. Also that year, the band fielded a development band in grade 4B. In 2016, the 3B band merged with the 4B band to work more on development and will compete in grade 4A in the 2016 season. After a very successful first season as a newly merged band, the band got re-promoted back up to Grade 3B.